We (KanchiLUG Team) celebrated Software Freedom Day 2011. We put totally 9 Demo Stalls in Software Freedom Day event conducted by ILUGC(Indian Linux User Group Chennai) at MIT(Madras Institute of Technology), Chrompet, Chennai.

Demo Stalls by our people :

1. Libre Office        –    Devakarthi, Saravanan. K, Saravanan. M,
2. Kompozer        –    Manimaran,
3. FFMPEG, Audacity    –    Priya,
4. Python        –     Ramya, Kavitha, Pavithra
5. PHP            –     Praveenkumar, Dhanalakshmi, Shanmugam
6. Drupal        –    Rajkumar,
7. Scilab        –    Nagarajan,
8. Subversion&GIT    –    Selvamani and Manikandan,
9. Firefox Addons    –    Suresh

As we planned, we had enough time for preparation to exibit and explain those softwares to public. We people started from Kanchi by 6.30AM and reached MIT by 9 AM. Then, we arranged all stalls to be in place. Most of our KanchiLUG guys apart from volunteers came to visit this event and they were more helpful to the volunteers.


The Kanchi Linux User Group celebrated its 100th weekly meet on last week sunday. we were planned to celebrate it in grand manner and we decided to give a presentation about history of KanchiLUG. so, Shanmugam,Rajkumar,selvamani and LokeshPrabu prepare presentation contain 80 slides for it. The presentation work was keep going on up to 3.00pm. Then we move to shri narayanaguru school to make an arragement for the LUG meet and start the presentation on 3.30pm onwards. There were 20 people participated in this week meet.

Mr.Selvamani initiate the 100th week meet by describing about what is LUG(Linux User Group)? and what are all the activities and purpose of it.

After that LokeshPrabu starts the presentation of about History of Kanchi Linux User Group. i remembered, How was the Idea cultivated to begin the LUG in Kanchipuram?, who were the insperation for it?, where we start our journey? and some of the initial day memories of KanchiLUG meets.

Then Mr.RajKumar continue the presentation by sharing memories of Various programs conducted and participated by us in other colleges, Ubuntu Tamil manual release, Boot camps conducted by us, some of the minor acheivement by us and our goals of the year.

Then Mr.Shrinivasan gave the finishing touch to the presentation by remembering his experiance with KanchiLUG and encourage the members to contribute FOSS activities.

Finally, LokeshPrabu address the vote of thanks to all supporters and our well wishers.

At last we celebrate the 100th weekly meet by cutting the cake and distribute to all members.

I think this is my last update in this month, because i am in big trouble. Yes i need to prepare my project documentation, i don’t even think about till this morning. I have to finish it with in this week because coming 25th is my project viva date.

I have almost completed my MCA project “Network based multi-platform backup solution”, with in few days i will surely complete this entire project and i need to show the project demo to my project guide Mr. G. Senthilkumar.

My next assignment is mostly related to web so i need to get practice on html and http packages. I have no idea about these packages so it will take some time…

Today i have completed all my works in “iShare App” project, my colleague Sounthar designed the entire GUI part. And finally we have the working version of iShare App.

Today i got placed in to a new project “iShare App”, which is similar to “Drop Box”. We planned to finish it with in this month. I have already worked with the stuffs related to this project so i think it is not too tough to me. We planned to use gtk library for GUI part.